How to Dry and Store your Mushrooms

You’ve grown your mushrooms indoors and now you need to prepare to store them. Here are some options you can try out for yourself. Remember to brush your mushroom clean!

Photo by: Jason Hollinger

Photo by: Jason Hollinger

Food Dehydrator

One of the easiest ways to dry your mushrooms is using a food dehydrator. Slicing your mushrooms 1/4 inch before drying them will make the drying process much faster. You’ll know when your mushrooms are done drying when they can easily break. If they are rubbery and tear apart you will have to dehydrate them longer. I got my food dehydrator from a garage sale for five bucks. I encourage you to look on craigslist and garage sales if you don’t have one. Your dehydrator should have a thermostat which tell you how high and low the temperature is. The ideal temperature in which to dehydrate your mushrooms is 135ºF but you can go to 150ºF at the highest. High heat can destroy some beneficial compounds in some mushrooms. Store in a airtight container and avoid storing them in direct sunlight or anywhere wet.

This is an example of a box fan. Alton makes a fruit dehydrator from a fan and several food-grade filters.

Oven Method

Preheat oven to 150ºF. Slice mushrooms about 1/4 inch and place on baking sheet, don’t put the mushrooms on top of each other may a layer of mushrooms to dry. Place in oven with the oven cracked open so some of the heat can escape. After one hour take the mushrooms out and flip them over and continue to cook for another hour with the oven cracked. Continue this process until mushrooms are dry. Onced dried and cooled store in airtight container avoid storing them in direct sunlight or anywhere wet.

Freezing your Mushrooms

Freezing maybe the only option you have. Before you freeze your mushrooms it is a good idea to cook to avoid the mushroom from getting soggy. You don’t need to thaw mushrooms if you are going to in cooking.

Recommend Airtight containers